Church History – Religious Studies (MA)

We recommend this MA programme to students who wish to further their research in religious studies or church history. Majoring in religious studies offers our students the possibility of in-depth research in the field of pedagogy of religion. The alternative major in church history provides ministers, religion teachers, historians and art historians with the possibility of consolidating their knowledge through thorough research projects.

We require our students enrolled in these majors to apply their knowledge practically both in study, teaching as well as in research. This is made possible by the weekly fieldworks (3 hours a week), and a number of practical courses such as palaeography, or practical teaching seminars.

Both majors are a significant step toward admission to our PhD-programme.

Length of studies: 2 years (4 semesters)

Main course offer for the major in Religious Studies

  • The role of communication and media in the process of teaching and education
  • Biblical notions in the teaching of religion
  • History of pedagogy
  • Modern means of pedagogy and systematic theology
  • Psychological basis of religious studies
  • Biblical theology
  • Sociology of church and education

Main course offer for the major in Church History

  • Latin language and semantics
  • Palaeography
  • Protestant church history of the 16 th -20 th century
  • Books and manuscripts in Transylvania (15 th – 18 th centuries)
  • Art history
  • History of the ecumenical currents
  • Church, school, archives (organising church archives and libraries)
  • Modern means of pedagogy and church history