Music Pedagogy and Ecumenical Church Music (MA)

We restarted this MA programme in the Fall of 2018 to provide students with the opportunity of deepening their general and professional competencies in the field of music. The honing of specialised skills is provided in elective classes focusing on church music. These tracks are a continuation of the fundamentals established in the BA cycle, providing students with excellent opportunities to develop their vocal skills and performing craft.

The goal of the planned study cycle is evident in three topics: deepening the knowledge obtained in the undergraduate programme; aiding students to obtain a degree in ecumenical church music; developing the preforming skills of our students by a graduate programme, that lasts 4 semesters, and comprises optional church organ playing, as well as piano and flute playing.

Our accredited Music Pedagogy and Ecumenical Church Music MA programme includes several opportunities for practical professional activity within the cultural scene of Cluj-Napoca, including the Hungarian Opera, the Folklore Institute of the Romanian Academy, or the Hungarian Musical Association.

Upon successful completion of this MA programme our students become licensed music professionals. They may find employment at opera houses, philharmonics, may become choristers, conductors, instrumental musicians, scientific secretaries, music referents, managers, sheet music editors, church conductors, organists, or choir masters. By obtaining an additional pedagogy training within our institute, our students become licensed teachers in secondary schools or vocational schools.