Religious Studies (BA)

The goal of the Faculty of Reformed Theology through the Religious Studies program is to train professionals in education, who are versed in the field of Reformed theology and church culture, and have a biblical disposition. In their own context our students carry on the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Reformers with conviction, faith and commitment. Our faculty is proud to provide excellent support for the accomplishment of our students through modern infrastructure and a well-established academic community.

At the Faculty of Reformed Theology, we train teachers to become educators in schools as well asleaders in other social activities in the field of diaconal work. We aim to strengthen our students by passing on to them a Christian spirituality, biblical values, Reformed cultural heritage, true devotion to God and calling, and a vast amount of specific knowledge that is both theoretical and practical.

The entire academic staff of the faculty is dedicated to the service of the Transylvanian intelligentsia, ,and contributes to the formation of new generations of intellectuals, who take it upon themselves to, actively maintain and develop our congregations through a well-established knowledge base, and strong faith.

Length of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

Degree awarded upon completion: BA in the field of Theology, with a major in Reformed Religious Studies

Main course offer

  • Biblical theology of the Old and the New Testaments
  • General church history and protestant church history
  • Theory of education and history of education
  • Transylvanian regional cultures
  • Document editing
  • Church music and flute
  • History of religion, history of philosophy
  • Christian psychopedagogy
  • Dogmatics
  • Church sociology
  • Spiritual care and diaconal work
  • Protestant ethics
  • Music history
  • Missional studies focusing on diaspora
  • Art history
  • Apologetics
  • Classical guitar
  • Grammar